Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Kid on the Block: Elle Fanning

Good Morning Tuesday!!

We're still on vacation mode. This is the last day of rest before facing reality once again.

I'm seeing a lot of Dakota Fanning's little sister these days. Mary Elle Fanning or Elle Fanning, is slowly making a name for herself and not just Dakota's little sister tag. Her first movie role was the young Dakota in the movie I am Sam. Then she appeared in movies such as Daddy Day Care, Babel, and Super 8 to name a few. I really didn't recognize her that she's blossomed to a beautiful 13 year old now!! She didn't go through that awkward phase. She looks soooooo pretty! Not that young and not that old. She's just dressing and living her life perfectly as a pre-teen :) In my opinion, I like her more than her sister hehehe! :)

Love her here! The innocence of a 13 year old wasn't robbed from her ;)

Elle Fanning is adorable!! :) I'm a fan!!! :)

Photos from: Google images

Ghetto B


  1. oh my, I'm such a big fan of both Dakota and Elle Fanning. They're both gorgeous and adorable.

    Btw, I'm a new follower of your blog, I hope you follow me back. :D

  2. I did even realize that she was the young beauty from Super 8! Great blog ladies, I'll be following.

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  4. I've known Elle Fanning by just the name and after I saw these photos, I'm now a fan too!

    I'm following your blog now. :)


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